Facts about Denmark

One of the eldest kingdoms of the world is Denmark - in Danish Danmark.

Denmark is a part of Europe and the Scandinavian countries, which are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland (Suomi).

When people are talking about Denmark, they mean the European part, but the whole Kingdom of Denmark is also The Faroe Islands and Greenland.

The European part of Denmark has a short border - 67.7 km (42 Miles) - with Germany and is placed between The North Sea and The Baltic.

Denmark is placed in the temperate zone and because of the Gulf Stream, Denmark has no particular warm summers or cold winters.

The average temperature in February, which is the coldest month, is -0.1 degrees Celsius (31 F), and in July, which is the warmest month, the average temperature is 16.0 degrees Celsius (60 F). In May and June the sun is shining for about 250 hours per month, in December it only shines for 25 hours.

Except for the island Bornholm, where you can find Archaean rock, the Danish landscape is formed by small hills and valleys. The highest hill is in Jutland and is called Yding Skovhøj. The hill is 173 m (568 ft) over the sealevel.

Nearby is Ejer Bavnehøj, which is a little smaller, but on the top is a gazebo with a wonderful view over a big part of Jutland.

Most of the country is cultivated and the forests are rather small. It is not easy to find a forest, which is wild. To walk in the forests in the spring or in the autum is wonderful.

The biggest carnivore is the fox - if you can call that animal a carnivore. There is a possibility to get the wolf back, because in the eastern Europe there is a growing number of wolfs and they are moving west.

Basicly Denmark is an agriculture land, but after the 2nd World War a great part of the danish products are of industriel kind. Denmark has good exportations of furniture and is good for designs of nearly everything. Denmark has no raw materials, but back in 1970's Denmark found some large oilfields in the North Sea and today the country is self-suffient with oilproducts.

Statistics of The Kingdom of Denmark

km² acres
Denmark 43,094 10,648,743
The Faroe Islands 1,399 345,700
Greenland 2,175,600 537,601,638
Total 2,220,093 548,596,081