The Sights

The capital of Bornholm is Rønne, which also is the city where the ships from Copenhagen and Sweden are arriving. The airfield is only 5 km/3 Miles away.

Rønne was together with Nexø bombed by the Russians at the 7th of May 1945, after Denmark was liberated the 5th of May. 2,900 of the 3,200 buildings in Rønne were damaged, of them were 212 totaly destroyed

The old parts of Rønne are very beautiful with many small houses. The houses near the church were very damaged in May 1945, by the russian bombs, but they are beautiful rebuilt.

In Rønne about 14,000 people are living. 2 of them are living in smallest house in Denmark, a little beautiful red house at Vimmelskaftet (a street in Rønne)


Bornholms Museum

The museum about the island - Bornholm.