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The Foundation of Denmark
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In the year 130 A.C: the Greek Ptolemaios is making the first map showing Denmark.

730 1. Attempt

The bishop of Utrecht, Willibrord, is making some missionary works in Denmark with absolutely no success.

Under his visit to Denmark, he also visit the Danish king, Ogendus, who he is describing as a man, who are harder than stone and more wild than any animal! But the bishop is treated very well while he was in Denmark.

793 Lindisfarne

The monastery at the island, Lindisfarne or Holy Island, is plundered by vikings. At that time noone expected a raid coming from the see. This is the beginning of the viking period.

807 Ireland

For the 1. time the vikings are attacking Ireland.

844 Lissabon

A vikingfleet arriving at Lisboa in Portugal. The vikings have fights with the arabs, who had conquered the former Roman county.

850 Church

Archbishop Ansgar is building the first Christian church in Hedeby, a town build by a Danish king about the year 810.

866 England

In november the vikings conquer the city of York. In 870 king Halvdan is issuing coins in London!

898 The Normandy

After several fights and plundering in France, the vikings are settled in the Normandy and a descendant after the norman king is becomming king of France.

960 Sight-seeing

An arabian/spanish businessman, Al Tortushi, is visiting Hedeby. He tells, that there is a little Christian minority in the city, but most of the people are praying to Sirius. The women can demand divorce at anytime. Newborn children are thrown in the see, because they are too expensive. The peoples singing is sounding like dog barking.

961 Norway

The Danish king Harald Blåtand mobilizes the Danish army and fleet and conquer Norway. Norway is lost again in 974. In 999 the King Svend 1. Tveskæg is making plans to reconquer Norway.

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