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Finally she arrived at her new home - her new people had given her a foolish name - Tjika - instead of her real name - Rosalie.

It seemed her people had forgotten she was a queen.

Soon she shruged her shoulders - it was ok with her new name.

Hey!!! someone called my name.

To be a few month old dog is great, but after some time of playing, I have to sit down, because I have to think about where all those lions are!

My mother told me I am a liondog so... there must be a lion!

I have heard that lions are going out at the evening, so if I stand here waiting, so maybe...

There is the lion! - oh....

Only my father coming home from work.

After a busy day my people are telling me, it is time to go to bed. -boo! you are silly, can't you understand I wanna play and stay up all night!!!

I do wish I will have some pleasent dreams - maybe I should made some plans for tomorrow.

Tomorrow must be the day of those lions.

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