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Queen Margrethe II 1972 -

In November 1995 the Queens youngest son, Prince Joakim, got married with Princess Alexandra, who are from Hong Kong.

January 1997 the Queens could celebrate her 25th anniversary as the Queen of Denmark.Of all 200 Krone coins is this one the most expencive.

The 16th of April 2000 the Queen of Denmark could celebrate her 60th birthday. Because of the queens high popularity the 200 Krone coins from 1997 and 2000 can be hard to find.

The 14th of May 2004 Crownprince Frederik marries Mary Donaldson from Tasmania (Australia).

Hans Christian Andersen.

Because it is 200 years ago the author, Hans Christian Andersen was born a seres of coins will be issued.

The first one is issued 31 March 2005 and has the adventure "The Ugly Duck" as theme.

The front of the coins has the portrait of the queen as used at the common coins.

The same day a 10 krone in silver issued.

The next coin has The Little mermaid as theme.

The coin was issued Ocetober 20th 2005.

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